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Globally Trusted

STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation

Attendees from various medical fields had the unique opportunity to experience first-hand how VSI HoloMedicine® is revolutionizing surgical planning, medical collaboration, training, patient education, and so much more!
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Jagiellonian University Medical College

The Jagiellonian University in Poland, which is one of the oldest academic institutions in Europe, is providing their future doctors the newest VSI HoloMedicine® technology as their standard of education.
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University of florida

Together with Microsoft and the University of Florida College of Medicine, UF medical students explored an entirely new world of collaborative medicine using our VSI HoloMedicine® Mixed Reality platform.
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From First Steps in Medicine to
Saving Lives

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The HoloMedicine® Masterclass, a revolutionary educational tool from apoQlar, is a paradigm shift in the domain of medical education and training. This VR-based application is ingeniously designed to provide an immersive learning experience, leveraging the latest in virtual reality technology to bring medical training into a new era.

By offering a virtual medical masterclass, it allows medical professionals and students to engage with medical concepts and procedures in a dynamic and interactive 3D environment that goes beyond the traditional classroom and textbook learning.

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Highlighted Use Case

During the HoloMedicine® VR Masterclass, participants delved into the latest 3D Segmentation techniques for liver surgery. They learned how to segment liver anatomy in three dimensions, a skill crucial for precise preoperative planning and surgical execution. This innovative learning approach combined virtual reality with real-world surgical scenarios, allowing the surgeons to simulate and meticulously plan complex resections.

The masterclass, a blend of technology and medical expertise, significantly contributed to enhancing patient care and surgical outcomes.

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VSI HoloMedicine®

VSI HoloMedicine® stands out by providing an immersive and interactive learning experience. Leveraging Mixed Reality technology, it allows for the streaming of lectures where medical concepts and procedures are not just discussed but visually demonstrated in a three-dimensional space. This method of instruction can be particularly beneficial for complex subjects where visualizing structures in 3D can lead to a deeper understanding than traditional 2D images or textbooks.

Help students and professionals alike to visualize and comprehend intricate medical concepts in a dynamic and innovative way.

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Regulatory and Quality

FDA 510(k)
Approved (USA)
MHRA Class I
Registered (UK)
MDA Class A
Approved (MY)
CE Class I
Registered (EU)
WAND Class I
Registered (NZ)
ISO 13485:2016
HSA Class A
Approved (SG)
(USA & EU)
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