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VSI HoloMedicine® by apoQlar is a medically certified* software platform that leverages the Microsoft HoloLens 2 hardware to transform medical images, clinical workflows and medical education into a 3D mixed reality environment the world has never seen before.


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* Includes clinical, R&D, and Education use cases. More cases & stories coming soon.
"Mixed Reality is going to revolutionize not only healthcare, but it’s going to revolutionize how we work together over distance, how we work together over time."
Dr.Robert Hannan, MD
Pediatric CARDIOVASCULAR SURGEON, The Heart Institute
Chief, Cardiovascular Surgery

VSI HoloMedicine® for Clinical Care

*Currently available in the EU and Singapore.

Surgical Planning & Simulation

Medical field agnostic surgical planning & simulation technology in 3D mixed reality. Surgeons across almost every medical field use VSI HoloMedicine® today.

Remote Medical Assistance

Virtually call into your collaborators field of vision and assist remotely without the need for travel or additional hardware.
Microsoft Teams is now fully integrated and available for all VSI HoloMedicine® users with the new 1.9 software update.

Surgical Training Guides

Develop a library of custom made immersive 3D surgical training guides to support the training and education process with your colleagues or health systems in need globally.

Patient Education

Engage, educate and empower your patients in medical mixed reality to reduce procedure anxiety and increase comprehension.

Meaningful Medical Collaboration

Explore the medical metaverse with collaborators as 3D avatars or as collaborators physicals standing next to each other interacting in the same mixed reality environment.

Flexible Virtual Monitors

Choose and flexibly position your desired view of medical scans, video streams, and live feeds as virtual monitors anywhere around you in 3D volumetric space.

VSI HoloMedicine® for Medical Education

3D Cadaver /Anatomy Labs

Combine 3D anatomy & pathology models from real world medical data in the cadaver labs.

Experiential Lesson Plans

Augment your existing curriculum with experiential and immersive 3D education guides to drive student engagement & learning.

Remote Lectures

Conduct lectures with your students by sharing your view of medical mixed reality.
Microsoft Teams is now fully integrated and available for all VSI HoloMedicine® users with the new 1.9 software update.

Go Beyond Textbooks

Enable your students to develop unparalleled divergent thinking capabilities by visualizing medicine in infinite perspectives.

AI Segmentation & Rendering*

Transform and enhance your view of real world medical scans with AI segmentation models, like bone rendering, vessel segmentation, and natural rendering.

* For R&D, Education & Training Purposes only

Global Collaboration

Collaborate with other students, professors, residents or physicians in the medical mixed reality metaverse.
VSI HoloMedicine®

Our Approach to Medical Mixed Reality

How it works

01. Transform

Transform any STL/OBJ or DICOM scan such as SPECT CT, PET CT, MRI, ANGIO-CT, CBCT, and many more as a 3D hologram for a 360° perspective.

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VSI HoloMedicine® automatically extracts information layer by layer from individual scans of a certain area of the body, creating a hologram that can be viewed and positioned virtually anywhere in the room via the HoloLens 2 device. VSI HoloMedicine® then enables the physician to manually superimpose the 3D image onto a patient to enhance their preoperative surgical planning procedure.

In addition to DICOM and STL visualization, view renderings of prosthetics, implants, and other medical devices in 3D mixed reality.​​

3 Steps. 5 Minutes.

Step 1. Select DICOM file or other STL file.
Step 2. Upload your file into your dedicated cloud-based web account via drag & drop functionality.
Step 3. Once uploaded, open the 3D hologram in mixed reality via VSI HoloMedicine®.
How it works

02. Enhance

With VSI HoloMedicine®, physicians can transform 2D and greyscale DICOM scans into interactive 3D holograms. Leverage cutting edge remote natural rendering technology or AI segmentation models for training and education use.

** For R&D and training use, not intended for clinical use.
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AI Segmentation

Instantly segment CT scans to analyze pathology and anatomy for a comprehensive view of anatomy. ​

Natural Rendering

​Immediately gain appreciation of structural relationships using VSI HoloMedicine® Remote Natural Rendering technology.


Enhance your view by simplifying structural relationships and anatomical comprehension by visualizing 3D pre-segmented scans.
How it works

03. Stream

A physician can stream ultrasounds, fluoroscopies, endoscopies and other live imaging procedures directly into their field of vision without any physical monitors. This reduces viewing burden for the physicians, offers more natural hand-eye-coordination and improved anatomical orientation for better outcomes.*

* For R&D, Education & Training Purposes only

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Share Together

The surgeon’s head and hand movements are transmitted into the field of vision of the collaborator in real time and in the form of a 3D avatar hologram. Within this environment, the collaborators can discuss a patient's case, share patient data, and simultaneously manipulate 3D volumetric medical images as if the collaborators were standing in the same room together.

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