5G HoloMedicine® Program:
Preparing Hospitals for the Future

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5G HoloMedicine® Pioneers


Since 2023

KPJ Healthcare, Malaysia

Since 2023


Coming in 2024

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Healthcare Digitalization with 5G-Enabled VSI HoloMedicine® Platform

HoloMedicine® platform, powered by Microsoft HoloLens 2 and secured by Azure Cloud, is transforming medical practice. This advanced platform ensures swift, efficient handling and analysis of medical data.

With the reliability of Azure Cloud and the sophisticated visualization capabilities of HoloLens 2, healthcare professionals can make more informed decisions, enhancing patient care and medical education in today's digital world.

VSI HoloMedicine® is a testament to the evolving landscape of healthcare, where advanced connectivity and cutting-edge technology converge to excel in patient care.

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5G HoloMedicine®:
Transforming Hospital Care

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VSI HoloMedicine® for the entire Healthcare Unit

Welcome to the future with HoloMedicine® 5G, a program designed to elevate digitalization across the entire healthcare spectrum. This platform is a game-changer, seamlessly connecting all aspects of patient care - from admission documents to treatment history and body scans.

The 5G-enabled VSI HoloMedicine® platform enhances surgical planning and diagnostics, boasting a remarkable 25 times faster downlink and 100 times faster uplink speed compared to its 4G counterpart. It also achieves an impressive 80% reduction in latency, elevating the loading and manipulation time of 3D medical images to a real-time, responsive experience.

With its fast, low-latency network, 5G HoloMedicine® ensures secure and scalable access to patient data, revolutionizing the way medical professionals interact with information and enhancing the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery.

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Healthcare Digitalization with 5G-Enabled VSI HoloMedicine® Platform in Singapore

Through HoloMedicine® Platform, Hospitals can make medical workflow faster, provide patients with added value through better patient education, motivate the doctor with the best technology, enable them to make qualitatively better decisions, and not constantly be reminded of complex IT problems.

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Implementation of 5G HoloMedicine® Program in Malaysia

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Regulatory and Quality

FDA 510(k)
Approved (USA)
MHRA Class I
Registered (UK)
MDA Class A
Approved (MY)
CE Class I
Registered (EU)
WAND Class I
Registered (NZ)
ISO 13485:2016
HSA Class A
Approved (SG)
(USA & EU)
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