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Go Beyond Textbooks

Transform traditional medical classrooms into immersive and experiential 3D environments to provide students with "hands-on" learning opportunities.​

Use Cases

VSI HoloMedicine® brings clinical technology into the medical classroom. We take a holistic approach to innovating medical education and have reimagined experiential learning in medical mixed reality. VSI HoloMedicine® offers an immersive collaboration platform with real world medical data serving as the foundation of student learning.​

01. 3D Cadaver/Anatomy Labs

Combine medical mixed reality collaboration tools and 3D transformation capabilities into the medical classroom and cadaver labs. Provide students with virtual models of cadaver anatomy and digital twins to enhance the learning experience.​

02. Experiential Lesson Plans

Augment your existing curriculum and individual lesson plans by layering interactive medical mixed reality activities into the lecture hall. By leveraging this technology during traditional lectures, the student gains immediate appreciation of complex cases in 3D.​

03. Remote Lectures

Conduct lectures with students or professors remotely via the medical metaverse or stream your mixed reality view through Microsoft Teams.​

04. Automatic CT Segmentation for Isolated Anatomy Visualization​

Transform and enhance your view of real-world CT scans utilizing the power of AI. Automatically segment bone and vessel structures in 3D and natural rendering technology to bring color into an otherwise greyscale scan.​

05. Medical Education Guides & Interactive Quizzes​

Create bespoke 3D mixed reality guides or access a future library of pre-made guides that direct your students step by step through a pre-defined module or lesson plan. Combine 3D DICOMs, STL files, images, video and text with quiz functionality to enable a robust educational experience.​

06. Global Collaboration

The VSI HoloMedicine® platform is utilized by over 40 hospitals & 7 medical schools across 13 countries globally. Share cases, ideas, and perspectives with your medical community across borders and backgrounds in the medical metaverse or Microsoft Teams view streaming.​

Medical Mixed Reality Education gives students and professors the ability to move beyond 2D textbooks and into an immersive 3D experience.​

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use case focus

Immersive Educational Guides for Students​

  • Create your own educational step by step guides.
  • Assign it to students and get the result.
  • Freely position any medical scan, 3D object, image, video or text in the room around you for a comprehensive & multifaceted view.​
  • Assign actions like take a photo, record a video, stream a procedure to each step.

Provide your doctors of tomorrow tech enabled tools to develop divergent thinking capabilities while preparing them for the digital OR of the future.​

Academic story

Experiential Medical Education

Students at the University of Florida College of Medicine experience the power of medical mixed reality for the first time. Organized together with our partners at Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami, students and professors apply medical mixed reality technology in the anatomy labs to visualize cadavers prior to and during examination. ​


VSI HoloMedicine® software platform is built to collaborate with students and professors globally as virtual avatars, conduct surgical training in 3D, engage in experiential lesson plan, and amplify confidence of future doctors in medical academia.

01. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is now fully integrated and available for all VSI HoloMedicine® users with the new 1.9 software update.
Communicate and collaborate with your colleagues or global medical community anytime, anywhere on one of the most prevalent video conferencing platforms. Microsoft Teams is fully integrated in the VSI HoloMedicine® platform enabling you to stream your view, sounds and speech all hands free. This is especially useful for training and education by streaming your view into a lecture hall or room seamlessly.

02. Digital Avatars in the Medical Metaverse

Using the Microsoft HoloLens 2 and the VSI HoloMedicine® application, a surgeon is able to instantly communicate with colleagues across the hospital campus or even surgical specialists across the globe as virtual avatars in a 3D mixed reality environment. The surgeon’s head and hand movements are transmitted into the field of vision of the collaborator in real time and in the form of a 3D avatar hologram. Within this environment, the collaborators can discuss a patient's case, share patient data, and simultaneously manipulate 3D volumetric medical images as if the collaborators were standing in the same room together.

03. AI Segmentation Tools*

apoQlar combines AI neural networks, computer vision, and 3D rendering technology with real world patient data to augment the clinical and academic experience. VSI HoloMedicine® enables students, professors and physicians to instantly segment real world CT scans using AI. Visualize anatomical structures like bones & vessels by a press of a virtual button in 3D medical mixed reality.

*For Research, Training and Education purposes only.

04. Natural Rendering

Immediately gain appreciation of structural relationships using VSI HoloMedicine® Remote Natural Rendering technology. Transform greyscale objects into vivid color mimicking the view of real world colors.

05. Hands Free/Controlled Hologram Manipulation

Eliminate physical contact with nonsterile objects and mouse clicks with interactive holographic technology and voice control commands. Interact with the technology using nothing but your hands and voice commands for a seamless clinical experience.

06. 3D Visualization of Real World Medical Data

Easily transform any STL/OBJ or DICOM scan such as SPECT CT, PET CT, MRI, ANGIO-CT, CBCT, and many more, as a 3D hologram for an enhanced view of a patient’s anatomy and pathology. VSI HoloMedicine® then enables the physician to manually superimpose the 3D image onto a patient to enhance their preoperative surgical planning process. Finally, virtually cut into these 3D models to gain a unique 360 perspective.

07. Choose your View with Virtual Monitors

The days of twisting your neck to receive valuable medical data and input is over. With medical mixed reality and our proprietary streaming technology, you are able to position your virtual monitor anywhere in the room around you or a collaborator to ensure you never lose line of sight or train of thought.

Medical Mixed Reality gives users the ability to move beyond the realm of 2D and into a more immersive 3D experience.

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New era of education

Experience The Medical Metaverse

Surgeons receive critical patient information in 2D but are required to extrapolate this data into a 3D world during complex medical procedures.

The same holds true for the future doctors currently learning in medical school.​ apoQlar’s VSI HoloMedicine® platform is bridging this knowledge and visual gap with medical mixed reality technology.

Student Perspective
University of Florida College of Medicine

"I put on the HoloLens and I am able to see a CT scan and I can walk through it. I can see all the structures coming along. On another side I have a 3D model of the heart, which I can blow up and almost feel like I am standing inside of the left ventricle or I can walk around it and point out all the structures."


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